A Inspirational Story of Success

One of the highlights of my involvement in the Arabian horse community is the incredibly special people I meet that inspire me and so many others whose lives they touch.

One such couple is John and Debra Mitchell of CME Arabian Equities. John and Deb attended a Farm Tour a fews years ago at Royal Arabians and shortly there after attended an Arabian horse seminar which served as an introduction to Arabian horse ownership, hosted by myself and Greg Knowles.

They were hungry for knowledge and madly in love with Arabian horses and all that they had to offer. In a few short years, their success has defied the odds both in their personal lives and the horse business. Deb suffered a stroke that doctors said she had a 1% chance of surviving. They feared if she did live, she would likely never wake from her coma. She did survive and after several weeks in deep sleep, awoke immediately speaking to John and her doctors of her beautiful Arabian horses.

This year, to the surprise and overwhelming joy of the Arabian horse community they experienced not one, but two significant wins at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, including the Arabian Senior Mare Championship win of the Gazal Al Shaqab daughter, Rose of Gazal APA.

Rose of Gazal_411An unborn foal of this beautiful mare will be available for purchase at the upcoming IntArah Dream Embryo Auction on Friday the 14th at the Arabian Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas. Don’t miss an opportunity to be touched by the success of these amazing people! Contact Greg Knowles for more information. Greg@ArabianExpressions.com


Interview with John, Deb and Greg at the 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Rose of Gazal APA – Scottsdale Senior Champion Mare


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