Riyan Rivero | riyanr@mac.com | 480-650-0731

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Ad Design
Show Program Design and Management
Web Blast Design
Press Releases
Event Coverage
Horse Marketing and Consultation

Riyan is a lifetime member of the Arabian horse community and is driven by her passion to share the magical lifestyle of the Arabian horse with everyone she meets.

In an effort to keep public relations strong on the international market, Riyan travels all over the world to shows such as Salon du Cheval, Paris; All Nations Cup, Aachen; Mediteranean Championships Menton, France; Polish National Championships, Poland; Middle Eastern Show Circuit and more. She has also developed a relationship with South American breeders to further the Arabian horse market and PR in Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Riyan is the public relations director for Hennessey Arabians and offers public relations services to multiple business’s and organizations, including the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Silver Sire Breeders and is a member of the show committee for the Arabian National Breeder Finals and the Arabian Breeders World Cup Show.


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